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Japan 1945 is an osprey campaign series book, authored by clayton k. The capital is tokyo, which, along with neighboring yokohama, forms the worlds most populous metropolitan region. Operation downfall and the invasion of japan, 1945 1947 giangreco, d. However, this book is more importantly, a tribute to its author, japanese historian, saburo ienaga. Japan in the wake of world war ii is a history book written by john w. The first fulllength eyewitness account of the atomic bomb attack on nagasaki english and japanese edition tatsuichiro akizuki, gordon honeycombe, keiichi nagata on.

List of books and articles about japan, postwar period. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Herseys extraordinary, gripping book tells the personal stories of six people who endured the 1945 atom bomb attack on the japanese city. From operation downfall to hiroshima and nagasaki, number 200 in ospreys campaign series, has a problem with perspective. Operation downfall and the invasion of japan, 1945 1947. Book recommendations, author interviews, editors picks, and more. Land japan proper has four main islands, which are from north to south hokkaido, honshu the largest island, where the. The book covers the difficult social, economic, cultural and political situation of japan after world war ii and the occupation of japan by the allies between august 1945. It is supposed to be about the final months of the pacific war and the events that led to the japanese surrender, but this narrative is told almost entirely through the parochial lens.

Books recall horror of atomic bomb the new york times. The book is full of first hand accounts, because of the authors access to. August 1945 kamen in hiroshima uber 200000 menschen ums leben. Operation downfall and the invasion of japan, 19451947 is a book by dennis giangreco. Marines photographs from ground zero odonnell, joe on. It was first published in trade paperback and ebook form by ballantine books in may 2007. So, japan has been able to unify, even before the wwiis beginning in europe, two groups very different groups of nations, as soviet union and usa and the british empire, in an undeclared coalition against itself, when japan began the long war against china 1931 1945. Werner gruhls objective is to present a fresh overview of the asianpacific war and its victims, drawing particular attention to the neglected history of japans invasion of china and. The full extent and brutality of imperial japans actions before and during the second world war has not had the same cultural and political resonances as those of nazi germany, nor are they as well remembered. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. Other events of 1945 history of japan timeline years. The first fulllength eyewitness account of the atomic bomb attack on nagasaki english and japanese edition. Some are paperback reprints of hardcover books, others are being published for the first time, and several are by japanese authors. A critical perspective on japan s role in world war ii, is an important addition to the study of japanese history.

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