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I have a couple 8 round mags for my colt commander. Complete book of the 1911 jeff cooper edition 1911forum. The second generation brownells 1911 magazines combine heavy duty construction with the reliability youve come to expect from a century old service weapon. Taken from the best, and most sought after book, by charles w.

Premiumquality, magazine is produced using stateoftheart manufacturing techniques to run as flawlessly as the best customtuned pistol. For the 1911 there are about 100 different manufactures of magazines. Digital content is great, but dont miss out on all of the extra content in our magazines. On the cover of the magazine is a wilson combat kz45 and a wilson combat cqb. Welded flat, steel plate permanently welded to magazine body, with screw holes to accept metalform bumper pads. It will set a new standard in 1911 magazines while redefining state of the art.

Each issue contains feature articles, columns, and. The magazine helped start my love affair for 1911 style pistols. American rifleman tuning the m1911 for reliability. Now, just in time for its hundredth anniversary, comes the 1911 a guide to the greatest pistol of all time, a book destined to become a classic of firearms literature.

Short of the kunhausen manuals for the 1911, they are probably the most complete reference work available. This kind of gun accessory will help you to improve your preparedness and grant you that extra feeling of safety in the form of more rounds for your target. Top gun supply stocks some of the best known names in the business from the reknown wilson combat 1911 magazines include the 47d, 47, 47ox, etm magazines to the italian made mecgar magazines. Extrathick, tempered steel mag body is formed to small tolerances, with a smoothwelded seam carefully polished to eliminate any rough spots or burrs that might snag the rigid, stainless steel follower. Most of he 10 round m1911 magazines on the market are not worth buying. The body and follower are constructed from heat treated stainless steel, with witness holes for a fast round count. Complete book of the model 1911 shooting times 2016 single issue magazine january 1, 2016 3. Weve blended the latest improvements in manufacturing and materials technology with our own realworld shooting experience to provide quality, quality, and more quality. The first automatic, magazine fed pistol adopted by the u. They usually do a yearly standalone magazine devoted to the 1911, this one has some interesting stuff in it. It was widely used in world war i, world war ii, the korean war, and the vietnam war.

It also might be found through some of the out of print book sellers. Identifying a early colt magazine the firearms forum. Army, the colt m1911 is a single action, semiautomatic, recoiloperated pistol chambered for the. Campbell, the 1911 a guide to the greatest pistol of all time is the definitive shooters guide to john m. Jun 28, 2006 the magazine is the heart of any autopistol and seems to be somewhat overlooked by 1911 connoisuers. Spec magazine type, as the name suggests, is a 1911 magazine that is heavily based off of the original types of magazines that were issued to american g. The only exceptions are those made by colt, metalform, and wilsonrogers. This helps to ensure consistent and reliable extraction and proper positioning of the cartridge as its stripped from the magazine and fed into the chamber. Tripp cobra 1911 9mm 10rd dawson competition ready magazine kit. Complete book of the model 1911 outdoor sportsman group. It is arguably the single most important accessory for the 1911. We also stock some back issues of precision shooting and the accurate rifle. Once you shoot all the rounds from your taurus pt 1911, there is a good chance you will reach for a spare magazine. The magazine is the heart of any autopistol and seems to be somewhat overlooked by 1911 connoisuers.

It was a military surplus colt, serial number 196246, produced in the year 1918. This issue features sig sauer 1911 super target aged to perfection. In 1906, the military began evaluating several pistol designs as well as the suitability of the new. For nearly 100 years, the crisis has been the magazine of opinion and thought leaders, decision makers, peacemakers and justice seekers. Ar15 1911 remington 870 ammunition reloading gunsmithing tools. The m1911, also known as the colt government or government, is a singleaction, semiautomatic, magazine fed, recoiloperated pistol chambered for the. You can have a top tier 1911, but if its fed from a subpar magazine youll only run into trouble. For collectors only series of books on collectors and antique firearms. For all the other guns out there, stick with the manufacturers mags. Double stack 2011s seem to be supporting a cottage industry of magazine adjustments, though. But first, a little information about 1911 magazines in general is in order.

There is a list of articles that deal with different parts and areas of a 1911 style handgun, information on how to place a custom work order, how to ship your gun, pricing, and other useful information. I purchased it after buying my first 1911 kimber in 2000. Until then, the book might be found on some of the online auctions. The extractor on a custom 1911 will be set up so that theres minimal distance between the inside of the extractor hook and the breechface of the slide. While we cant possibly cover everything about the 1911, today were going to look at some of the high. This is a factory steel 7round magazine for colt 1911 pistols in. Complete book of the model 1911 2014 edition joe hutchcroft on. Complete book of the model 1911 shooting times 2016. In stock saleclearance colt 1911 magazines at brownells. Walt kulecks new book, the m1911 complete assembly guide, is the companion book to his 1st 1911 book, the m1911 complete owners guide. I have a copy of the complete book of the combat 1911 i purchased in 2001. Also found below are references to the top books written on the subject of collecting m1911 and m1911a1 pistols. Sweeney is a good author, and the twovolume gun digest book of the 1911 is a musthave for any gun owner. It served as the standardissue sidearm for the united states armed forces from 1911 to 1986.

Oddly enough, it seems as though none of the gun manufacturers make magazines. Established in 1911, the rotarian is the official magazine of rotary international and is circulated worldwide. For your information, i have a new, unissued, unfired and in the wrap mag that is better than the 1926 colt pictured. The model of 1911 pistol is an american classic and has a long and illustrious history. This is simply not a problem with the government 1911. Aircraft grade certified stainless steel tube resists corrosion. Kimber 1911 extended magazine base pads, set of 3, screws included 4100300. It includes 84 tables detailing parts and markings and 678 photos and drawings. Compatible with marvel, nighthawk, advantage arms, kimber, sti and tactical solutions conversions, this one magazine fits any need. My first 1911 magazine came, not surprisingly, with my first 1911 pistol. Now patrick sweeney provides the first indepth look at the model 1911 in all its forms, complete with information on ammunition, aftermarket parts and performance testing of semicustom when john browning designed the model 1911 pistol for colts manufacturing co. Sig sauers 1911 pistols combine john brownings iconic masterpiece with perfectionist swiss craftsmanship in a rugged, combatready package. Feb 23, 2010 im not much of a 1911 guy, so im not up on which 8 round mags are the best, and their absolute reliability when compared to good 7 round mags.

Magazines were the weakest component of the model 1911 pistols and were the source of continuing problems for many years. Tuning a 1911 magazine 1911addicts the premiere 1911 forum. Price new from used from single issue magazine, 2012. Weather you have a colt gold cup, a kimber custom ii, a rock island 1911, or anything in between make sure you have quality 1911 magazines for it. If i were you, id ask some knowledgable people, what 8 round mags are best and then only use those, if you decide to use 8 round mags at all. Shooting times magazine presents the 2015 complete book of the model 1911. Massad ayoob thoughts on 1911 magazines the mag life.

A view of the business end looks very much like any standard m1911a1, except for the small diameter of the hole in the end of the barrel. Reliable, durable and smooth feeding magazines are a must in a 1911 handgun. The model 1911 and model 1911a1 military and commercial pistols. Our legendary magazines are so inherently reliable theyll make virtually any 1911 pistol function everytime, including yours increases reliability in all 1911 pistols. Whatever happened to the complete book of the model 1911. The armory carries a variety of books, periodicals and videos to broaden your knowledge as firearms enthusiast.

I consider these books to be two of the best books available to help you to know, understand, maintain, fix, and repair your 1911 pistols. Some nice pictures of jeff coopers actual 1911s, some i havent seen before. Colt 1911 factory governmentcommander full size 8round magazine. Xylan exterior coating provides corrosion protection, as well as a slick. In addition to holding more rounds it feeds everything without a single problem. These are the top 5 1911 upgrades you should consider making. Handguns of world war ii, the secondary pistols and revolvers charles pate. I have a number of different 1911 magazines from mil surplus to colt gold cup national match magazines to the ultra high dollar ones. See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions.

Internet archive bookreader popular mechanics 1911. Top 173 books published in 1911 that people have added on goodreads. Handguns editor for americas largest generalcirculation shooting magazine. So, for a 1911, you have to buy after market stuff. The gun digest books for the 1911, volumes 1 and 2, are the best reference work available for 1911 owners, shooters and enthusiasts. Our legendary magazines are so inherently reliable theyll make virtually any 1911 pistol function everytime, including yours. Popular mechanics inspires, instructs and influences readers to help them master the.

Copy and paste one of these options to share this book elsewhere. Soon after the 8 round magazine became standard for the fullsize m1911, a 7 round magazine became available for the shortframed colt officers model. Complete book of the model 1911 handguns the most comprehensive guide to the venerable handgun created by john m. Buy 1911 magazines factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including browning, winchester, fn america, beretta, benelli franchi, stoeger, remington, bushmaster, marlin, sig sauer, hk and many more.

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